About Us

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M.K. Associates is involved in engineering business since 1995. Our main trade Is designing and execution of industrial, commercial residential and government projects as a separate job and on turnkey basis as well. We have in house facility of Surveying, Architectural, Structural, MEP design and Quantity surveying and estimation. We do management and Execution of the projects and are also involved in the training of our client’s staff.

M.K. Associates uses all the latest paraphernalia from SAP, Etabs (Structural Engineering Software ) to Floor Plan Plus, AutoCAD etc. on the latest Coretoduo machines to deliver the projects in record time.


Best Solutions For Your Dream

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The Feasibility

This initial phase of the project includes preliminary studies

The Development

we get into the detail of the scheme. We’ll refine the internal

Full Mobilization

Once the contractor is appointed, will workshops to review

Post PC Work

The project concludes will visit site to inspect all the works

Best Services

Services We’re Providing

We are working primarily in and around London and the Home Counties, on schemes that range from small intimate spaces to large projects.

Execution on turnkey basis

In a turnkey project, the client or customer simply needs to "turn the key" to start or use the completed product or service.

Architectural Planning

Architectural planning is a crucial phase in the design and construction of buildings and structures.

Structural Designing

Structural designing is a critical aspect of the overall architectural & engineering process, focusing on the planning.

Top supervision

Typically refers to the highest level of oversight & management in a project or organizational structure.

Project management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, & overseeing the successful completion of a project.