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Our Mission is to manage projects according to the teaching of Islam and to praise Allah (s.w.t.) through our work. This means that fulfilling the commitment and execution with excellence will be the key to this mission and to please Allah (s.w.t.) will be the destination. We also intend to propagate this mission through our services and therefore monetary achievements will not be the primary goal of this mission. For this purpose we will equipped ourselves with the state of the art technology, management skills and knowledge and clutch ourselves with the latest certifications so that our mission shall be in phase with time.

Architectural Planning

We do all types of the architectural planning, decoration work.

Structural Designing

We are master of structure and designing of any kind of rooms.


Our Best Services M.K Associates

Initially the company was restricted to structural designing, but later, M.K. Associates broaden its platform in almost every direction of Civil Engineering ranging from Structural / Architectural designing to Project Management and execution on Turnkey basis.

Execution on turnkey basis

In a turnkey project, the client or customer simply needs to "turn the key" to start or use the completed product or service.

Architectural Planning

Architectural planning is a crucial phase in the design and construction of buildings and structures.

Structural Designing

Structural designing is a critical aspect of the overall architectural & engineering process, focusing on the analysis and planning.

Top supervision

typically refers to the highest level of oversight & management in a project or organizational structure.

Project management

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, & overseeing the successful completion of a project.

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We Are Professional

We develop a full cycle of conry to Loream project documentation

Honest And Dependable

Our experience and commitment to our customers assure will meet your objectives.

Energy Saving Methods

Part of experts team to manage commercial and institutional projects.

WHY M.K Associates

Construction Designs From The Future Living Style's

Construction designs encompass a wide range of plans, drawings, and specifications that guide the construction of buildings, infrastructure, and other structures. These designs are created by architects, engineers, and other professionals to ensure that construction projects meet safety standards, are functional, and adhere to local building codes.

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